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LabCorp-Offers Online Access to Referred Patient’s Test Results

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LabCorp offers physicians online access to referred patients’ test results.

Through LabCorp Beacon®, referral physicians who have a LabCorp account can now look up test results online, ordered by other physicians, for a referred patient. This feature allows an authorized physician to have access to lab test results at the point of care. This feature is in response to physician requests and with the best care of the patient in mind.

Global Patient Search allows you to:

  • Search for a referred patient’s lab test results based on several search parameters: the patient’s first and last name, date of birth, and state (optional search parameters include, Social Security number and telephone number).
  • Review results of the referred patient during the in-office visit, gaining a clinical picture of the patient’s health.
  • Minimize the time office staff spends requesting a copy of a referred patient’s lab test results.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce duplicative testing, thereby helping to lower costs.

Start using the feature in your practice:

  • To access the Global Search feature, a LabCorp Beacon account is required and the physician must agree to the Global Search Terms of Use.
  • Global Search is only permitted when the physician is in a treatment relationship with the patient.
  • To sign up for LabCorp Beacon, contact your local LabCorp representative, or visit www.LabCorp.com/Beacon for more information.

Request that your referred patients be sent to LabCorp for their clinical testing needs.