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Laboratory Solutions
Over 20 years ART/IVF experience

Transforming ART/IVF laboratories to achieve successful results

Where Experience Becomes Results

Welcome to MedTech (MT) Laboratory Solutions –a full-service division of MedTech For Solutions Inc. dedicated exclusively to the Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) laboratory market. We deliver strategic tools, innovative solutions and cutting edge technology to meet the specific needs of your ART/IVF center.

Our Experience: Over 20 years of ART/IVF Laboratory Leadership

MedTech Laboratory Solutions is supported by personnel with over 20 years of experience in the ART/IVF industry, led by a laboratory leader, an innovator with a reputation for unquestioned results. Our team has been involved with, and led, innovations that have transformed the ART/IVF industry over the last two decades. MedTech Laboratory Solutions provides strategies that have a proven track record. Our approach offers the customization needed to implement the industry’s best practices into your ART/IVF laboratory and maximize success for your ART/IVF program.

Our Approach: Provide implementable programs

We are passionate, outcome-driven individuals with a unique combination of knowledge and experience. Unlike other laboratory specialists, we do not just provide advice – we help our clients achieve the highest results by providing implementation and management support. After making an initial assessment, we will help you identify, plan and implement strategies that will not only optimize your laboratory’s operation but improve clinical outcomes and integrate cutting edge technologies into your practice.

Our Results: A Commitment to Developing Successful Programs

Our focus is on creating industry leading laboratories including successful blastocyst, single embryo transfer (SET), and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) programs.  Our track record speaks for itself.

How MedTech Laboratory Solutions can help you

Whether your issues involve integration of ART/IVF technology, quality improvement, technical expertise, staffing or risk management, MedTech Laboratory Solutions will help you become a more successful operation. We stand by our recommendations and are ready to help you implement customized options to improve your operations.

Our focus includes:

  • Building new ART/IVF laboratories
  • Developing sophisticated ART/IVF laboratories, optimizing laboratory operations
  • Training laboratory staff
  • Supporting research efforts
  • Recruiting top laboratory personnel