Comprehensive Solutions for your A.R.T. Practice

MedTech for Solutions has a team of laboratory, clinical, risk management/ legal, practice development and marketing experts who have real world healthcare and practice management experience. Our unique understanding of the payer and regulatory environments, establishing and running a busy practice, as well as designing and building state of the art embryology laboratories can bring your practice to the next level.

MedTech Practice Development 

Our Practice Development team works with physician practices to assist with new practice start-up or relocation and performance improvement.

MedTech Laboratory Solutions 

MedTech Laboratory Solutions specializes in the infertility industry and has helped ART/IVF providers of all sizes in the US and internationally.  Our team is comprised of leaders who actively manage laboratories, providing practical solutions and improved laboratory outcomes.

MedTech Temporary Staffing

MedTech has a team of highly specialized and experienced embryologists and laboratory directors to assist your temporary staffing needs. Whether due to periodic batching/series or having the necessary volumes needed to hire full-time staff, to staff vacancies, MedTech can provide you with expert resources on a per diem or monthly basis to keep your laboratory running smoothly and effectively.

MedTech Recruitment 

Our Recruitment team works with physician practices to fill your highly skilled and/or leadership positions.  We have a highly successful embryology and laboratory director placement service that is unparalleled in the industry. In addition, we provide for recruitment of reproductive endocrinologists, specialized nurses, and practice managers.

MedTech G.P.O. 

 Our Group Purchasing Organization (G.P.O.) creates real savings for physician practices in all specialties, as well as hospital affiliate practices that have autonomy over procurement decisions. Practices will save significant amounts on medical supplies for daily practice needs as well as office supplies and equipment.

Let MedTech professionals help your practice today!