comprehensive solutions for your practice development needs

MedTech can assist with new practice start-ups or relocation from the initial stages of business plan development through design/build of the new facility, arranging financing, and staff and equipment planning.

Through MedTech’s Practice Development Program, you can

*Grow your practice

*Increase your earnings

*Build or renovate a new IVF Laboratory

*Develop new growth opportunities (such as elective egg freezing)

MedTech Provides professional consultation on the contemporary design of the ART laboratory from inception through construction and opening with our MedTech OVA Design program.

MedTech’s Practice Development team is comprised of individuals who have real experience building, transforming, and growing every department within a provider practice.  Our success has been built on leveraging best practices from healthcare and other industries as well as our comprehensive experience with the payer industry.

Contemporary ART Laboratory Design

MedTech has earned a national reputation for designing and building state-of-the-art ART laboratories. Our laboratories consistently achieve outcome results that are far superior to national benchmarks. From efficient modular design to the highest quality low cost air filtration systems, MedTech has designed, built, or managed over 20 ART laboratories nationally.