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GPO Details
Additional Savings at No Cost to You

Our GPO saves practices significant amounts on medical supplies for daily practice needs and office supplies and equipment.

MedTech Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)

Significant Savings for Medical Providers – No Cost to Join!

The MedTech For Solutions Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) works with medical practices in all specialties and of all sizes to protect your assets and control your costs. MedTech’s GPO offers savings on all your practice and office needs from medical supplies and pharmaceuticals to office and medical equipment.  ART/IVF practices can also receive discounts on specialized medical and laboratory equipment.

Benefits of the GPO:

Free to join Free to join. There is no cost to join the GPO.
Significant savings Significant savings – In conjunction with MedAssets® (formerly Broadlane), a preeminent provider of medical supplies and equipment, our program produces significant savings which typically range from 10–50%.
Professional services discounts Professional services discounts on MedTech Consulting Services. MedTech GPO members always enjoy a 10% discount on services provided through MedTech Laboratory Solutions, MedTech Practice Development, or MedTech Recruitment.
business as usual Membership in the GPO will be business as usual – no need to change your current supplier relationships. If, like most practices, you use one of the major medical supply companies, you do not have to change your current supplier or ordering procedures to participate. On your end nothing changes except a reduction in your costs and an increase in your savings.
Leading service providers Leading service providers – MedTech’s GPO has been in operation for over 5 years and has contracted with top industry providers including, but not limited to, Airgas®, Federal Express, General Electric (G.E.)®, Herman Miller®, Kimball®, LabCorp®, Nikon®, Olympus®, Staples®, Office Depot®, Steelcase® and many more.
Concierge service Concierge service – MedTech has a dedicated team of service professionals available to review your practice’s spending and identify savings opportunities.
Vendor Contracts Vendor Contracts – The GPO is consistently adding new vendors, providing members savings in more categories.
Example savings areas include:
  • Medical supplies for daily practice needs
  • Pharmaceuticals for your everyday needs
  • ART/IVF medical products – such as products for ovum aspiration, micro-manipulation, embryo culture, incubation, and embryo transfer
  • Computers and IT infrastructure needs such as desktops, laptops, servers and licenses
  • Exam and Operating Room Capital Purchases – such as ultrasound machines and set up for exam, operating, and recovery rooms
  • Laboratory testing services – from routine such as basic allergy and blood to the highly complex including the full IVF Reproductive Health testing menu for FDA Donor, Genetic, PGD and 3rd party / Managed Care
  • ART/IVF Laboratory Equipment
  • Medical gases
  • Office supplies and general needs
  • Shipping – priority and overnight shipping at substantial discounts, including specialized ART/IVF shipping needs
  • Specialized medical products – including biopsy needles, catheters, radiology wires, GI endoscopy equipment