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Better pipette calibration for your laboratory.

Better pipette calibration for your laboratory.

Our newest GPO vendor discusses what you should know.

By Debbie Martella
Florida Pipette Calibrations/ USA Calibrations.

Pipette calibration is important for your IVF laboratory.

• How do you know if you are getting the service you need?

Answering this question is the most significant step, often a difficult one. Believe it or not, pipette calibration companies are not regulated. With a tax ID number and a business license, anyone can service your instruments. This can lead to considerable confusion about the quality of the calibration that you have paid for.

• Are there any industry standards?

Yes, despite a lack of regulation or government oversight, there is an ISO standard accreditation.

ISO 17025 is the elite accreditation for pipette calibration. At this time it is required only by certain industries, The IVF industry is not yet amongst them.

It pays to be ahead of the curve for the reason that ISO standards are readily adopted when industries seek higher levels of quality management.

The standard has great significance for you right now, too.

When using an ISO 17025-accredited company for their calibration services, there is a greater level of confidence during audits.

The ISO 17025 service process requires quality manuals, procedures, and carefully chosen suppliers, amongst other things auditors understand and appreciate the significance of these methods.

Most importantly without these measures your pipettes may not receive the type of service needed to maintain calibration. Standard services usually fall short of these criteria because alternative service plans will not include preventative maintenance and only a mere calibration instead, sometimes never even opening the instrument.

• Why would this happen?

Preventative maintenance all comes down to pricing. It’s cheaper to lubricate a pipette opposed to changing the seal when it needs replacing. Changing the seal can cause nonlinear calibration on certain brands of pipettes.

At low volume, the pipette may be high and out of specification. When the pipette is at the maximum volume it is in specification, obviously if it is low this is not sufficient for the precision of your IVF laboratory.

Preventative Maintenance Checklist.

Make sure you are getting these services:
1. Opening and cleaning the pipette.
2. Changing the seal or lubricating the pipette, depending on the brand.
3. Reassembling and calibrating the pipette at low, middle and high levels.

Visit Florida Pipette Calibrations/USA Calibrations on the Web at floridapipettecalibrations.com

The positive news.

These issues are preventable in your IVF program. Understanding the services your program requires is the key to peak performance.

If you take a moment to review the Preventative Maintenance Checklist above, this will be your first step towards higher quality standards.

Florida Pipette is your MedTech GPO resource.

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