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The OvaLearn training program helped me a lot.

The OvaLearn program offers advanced knowledge in Embryology and ART to understand and gain confidence in my daily work in the IVF laboratory. I really recommend OvaLearn training for everyone because it is very helpful for someone looking for initial training or someone wanting to improve their results in the ART field.

Clara Esteban-Pérez, BSc. MSc. PhD.
Embriology Laboratory
Fertility and Sterility Colombian Center-CECOLFES


As the Executive Director of The Westchester County Medical Society (WCMS),

I am always looking for products and services that may benefit our members and their practices. Four years ago the WCMS partnered with MedTech For Solutions to provide their Group Purchasing Organization to our membership and I have been very impressed with the program.

The MedTech GPO unquestionably delivers what it promises — significant savings for everything a medical practice may need at no cost to members or the society. Plus, they are extremely supportive of our society in our mission to support our membership.

I highly recommend the MedTech GPO to any medical practice and especially to medical societies like ours who are committed to providing value to their membership and advancing the practice of medicine.

Brian Foy
Executive Director
Westchester County Medical Society


The team at MedTech For Solutions has been instrumental

in my training and development as an ART laboratorian. The guidance provided by MedTech’s Laboratory Division in implementing new technologies and culture systems in our clinic has been key in the development and success of our blastocyst transfer program. I highly recommend their services.

Wes Edmonds
Laboratory Section Chief
University of Alabama at Birmingham


The per diem staff support provided to our clinic by MedTech For Solutions Laboratory Division

has been professional, courteous and exceedingly competent in all aspects of ART. I recommend them without reservation.

Wes Edmonds
Laboratory Section Chief
University of Alabama at Birmingham


Starting an IVF center in Montana was no small project!!

Starting an IVF center in Montana was no small project!! It couldn’t have been done as smoothly and successfully without the expertise of Kathy Miller and MedTech For Solutions. Kathy, Vice President of MedTech’s Laboratory Services division, designed every aspect of our lab from having the air quality assessed to designing the lab space and ordering all of our microscopes, incubators and lab supplies. She even had the final say on where every single electrical outlet was placed! That attention to detail and her 27 years of experience allowed us to get it done right on the first attempt.

Dwight Ryan, MedTech’s CEO, has been invaluable in educating our administrative and billing staff. He traveled to Montana and has fielded innumerable phone calls and emails to help ensure that our staff understands the intricacies of the business aspects of IVF. We feel lucky to have such an awesome team taking care of the details so that we can focus on helping our patients achieve their goal of becoming parents.

Christopher Montville, MD
Stacy Shomento, MD

Reproductive Medicine & Fertility Care, Billings Clinic
Billings, Montana


I am a skeptic by nature. When I first joined the MedTech For Solutions Group Purchasing Organization,

I didn’t think it would make much of a difference, but I was willing to give it a try. I am glad I did.

MedTech For Solutions provided me with expert technical assistance in the IVF lab when I needed it most. I also save money on our laboratory, practice and office supplies with the GPO and their concierge service is unbelievable. Email and phone calls are always returned promptly. If only the health insurance companies were this customer service oriented.

I highly recommend the MedTech Group Purchasing Organization to other physicians, clinics and health care organizations.

H. Christina Lee, M.D., J.D., H.C.L.D., E.L.D., F.A.C.O.G.
Medical Director and Laboratory Director
Family Fertility Center
Bethlehem, PA


My experience with MedTech For Solutions has been very positive.

Their team of experienced professionals has made an important contribution to our facility’s growth and improved profitability.

MedTech’s Group Purchasing Organization has generated significant savings on our daily medical, IVF and office supplies and has provided guidance on investments in capital equipment. Additionally, MedTech’s practice development team has worked with our staff to help streamline operations providing a better patient experience and has assisted in negotiating physician contracts.

I highly recommend MedTech For Solutions to single physician or large group fertility practices seeking to improve operations, increase revenue and decrease costs.

Jerald S Goldstein, M.D.
Medical Director
Fertility Specialists of Texas


Whenever we are looking at doing business with a new vendor,

the first thing out of our mouths is ‘we are a MedTech GPO member affiliated with Broadlane.’ We know that this will generate pricing that we have found to be unmatched by other GPO’s and as well as unmatched by our own one-on-one negotiating.

We have found MedTech to always be helpful when we’ve called upon its folks to assist in navigating through any challenges, or to look into other opportunities that may be out there. In this day of pressures from managed care on the revenue side as well as pressures from the current economic environment, MedTech proves to be a useful resource in relieving pressure on the expense side.

Steven C. Gerson, CPA, MPAcc
Chief Financial Officer
Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine


We have been using the services of MedTech For Solutions for several years now,

which resulted in substantial services and savings for us and all the members who have used them. I have known Mr. Dwight Ryan for few years as the CEO of MedTech and he has been incredibly helpful and responsive to all our needs. As new opportunities surface as a result of more companies joining his network, he is quick in informing his members so that they can save more.  I wish Dwight started his company sooner.

Fady I. Sharara, M.D
Medical director

Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine