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Achieve Superior Results Through innovative Solutions

MedTech For Solutions is a unique company made up of individuals with extensive, broad-based experience in the healthcare field with a particularly comprehensive knowledge of the assisted reproductive technology (ART) industry. The collaborative approach of our team is designed to provide practices of all sizes with customized solutions for their full range of needs.

Our mission is to drive your business results and assist in building your competitive advantage.

Our Experience: Real Experience at leading successful practices
MedTech for Solutions has built a team that will help grow your business using proven methods.  We have a team of laboratory, clinical, risk management/ legal, administrative and marketing experts who have real world healthcare and practice management experience.  Unique understanding of the payer and regulatory environments, establishing and running a busy practice, as well as building state of the art embryology laboratories, qualifies MedTech as your single source of assistance.  Our knowledge is practical, not theoretical.

Our Approach: Practical, actionable strategies to improve your clinic
MedTech’s goal is to provide you with firsthand knowledge of what it takes to be successful in a highly competitive environment.  We provide ongoing management services, as well as consulting services, with focus on implementable, highly impactful, successful processes and programs.  We ensure your practice is capable of meeting your goals.

Our Results: Measurable Improvement
MedTech will engage your core team from strategy through implementation and to creation of measurement plans.  Our divisions drive real results, from hard dollar savings from MedTech’s Group Purchasing Organization, to operational efficiencies from MedTech’s Practice Development and improved clinical outcomes with MedTech Laboratory Solutions.

Who we serve
MedTech For Solutions works with healthcare providers of all specialties and sizes.

MedTech GPO Our Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) creates real savings for private physician practices in all specialties, as well as hospital affiliate practices that have some autonomy over procurement decisions. Practices will save significant amounts on medical supplies for daily practice needs as well as office supplies and equipment.

MedTech Laboratory Solutions MedTech Laboratory Solutions specializes in the infertility industry and has helped ART/IVF providers of all sizes in the US and internationally.  Our team is comprised of leaders who actively manage laboratories, providing practical solutions.

MedTech Practice Development – Our Practice Development team works with physician practices in all specialties to drive operational and marketing excellence.

MedTech RecruitmentOur Recruitment team works with physician practices to fill your highly skilled and/or leadership positions.  We have a highly successful embryology laboratory placement service that is unparalleled in the industry.

Let MedTech professionals help your practice today!