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Starting An Egg Donation Program: A Necessary Program and Opportunity In Today’s Competitive World

New MT Logo with Tagline    In 1983 the first successful egg donation cycle was done in Australia. Since then increasing numbers of women are using this reproductive option on the advice of their reproductive endocrinologists. Ovarian reserve screening, an integral part of an infertility work-up, determines who can be helped with conventional IVF and who cannot.

Delayed childbearing in the US and abroad has created a need for egg donors. These women of advanced maternal age are often diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve. This trend is supported by SART data summaries over the last few years that demonstrate increasing numbers of cycles using donor eggs.  In 2014, 7,029 cycles using fresh donor eggs, 2869 using frozen donor eggs and an additional 9477 cycles using donor embryos were reported.

Infertility practices need to offer their patients the most comprehensive and up to date services available. Given the number of women who require an egg donor it would be difficult to compete in this market without an egg donation program. If a patient’s doctor or clinic doesn’t have one the patient is likely going down the road to another doctor or clinic that does.

Starting an egg donation program however, is both time consuming and labor intensive. Limited staff, resources and the time required to do it pose major challenges.

MedTech can provide experienced guidance and expertise needed to create an egg donation program. FDA compliance, donor recruitment and recipient management are just few of the many aspects of an egg donor program that we provide. We can also provide expertise on the simplest, most cost efficient way to run a program, including staff training and ASRM guidelines on donor and recipient screening.

If you’re interested in providing the most comprehensive care to your patients by incorporating an egg donation program in your practice give us a call at  (866) 634-9144  ext. 101  or email us at info@medtech4solutions.com.