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Staples Back On GPO For Office Supplies

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MedTech For Solutions, Inc
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Office Depot and Staples are both GPO Vendors!

 Now you will be able to choose either Office Depot or Staples



Dear MedTech GPO Members


I am pleased to tell you that we have both Office Depot and Staples as GPO vendors!


Recently I told you that Office Depot was our new, exclusive office supply vendor but I am delighted to tell you now that Staples will remain with us. So you will be able to choose between either of these terrific national office supply outlets.


I still urge all of you to send us your Office Depot enrollment forms  Click Here  so you will be in a position to use either one — or both, and so your employees will be able to take advantage of the 10% personal discount available to them at any of the 900+ Office Depot retail outlets. There is no need to do anything new to continue to get GPO pricing from Staples. Your current agreement and account number will remain in effect.


I encourage you to compare both programs and use the one that best meets your needs and gives you the best pricing — or use one for some items and the other for others. Either way you will get significant savings on all of your office supply and equipment needs.




Dwight P. Ryan, CEO

MedTech For Solutions, Inc.

Phone: (866) 634-9144 ext 101

Email: dryan@medtech4solutions.com

MedTech For Solutions, Inc | 475 Park Ave South | New York | NY | 10016