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Sprint Savings for MedTech GPO Members

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Special Sprint Savings For

MedTech GPO Members

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Dear MedTech GPO Members,

Right now until July 23rd, if you switch to Sprint’s network you will get UP TO $175 credit!

Don’t wait, start saving today.

Exclusive offers:

· If it’s mobile, it’s unlimited. With Any Mobile, Anytime

· Instant savings applied to device pricing

· Receive up to $75 exclusive mail-in rebate

· Sprint 3G network or turbo-charged speeds of Sprint 4G

Program Highlights:

Most new service plans include:

· 25% savings on most Sprint Nextel service plans

· Dedicated customer care

· Nationwide long distance

· Unlimited mobile to mobile calling

· Unlimited night and weekend minutes starting at 7 pm

· Domestic roaming

For information regarding the offers above, Call 1-800-605-8910 ext 202 ask for Carlos or visit: WWW.MEDTECH.SPRNEXT.COM

Make sure you pass this on to employees as they and all family members can benefit as well.




Dwight P Ryan

President & CEO

MedTech For Solutions, Inc


(866) 634-9144 Ext 101 (Office)

(212) 214 0904 (fax)