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New REI Nursing Support Program

MedTech is proud to announce our latest in ART industry support and innovation with our new REI Nursing Support Program. Designed to help REI practices build their Nursing and Medical Assistant programs with the support and training needed in this highly specialized area.
From Start Up To Improving Operations, the Role Of Our Infertility Nurse Consultant is to Help:
  • Develop Practice Competencies For Nurses And Medical Assistants
  • Assist in Developing Policy And Procedures Manuals to Fit Your Practice’s Specific Needs.
  • Develop and Provide Consultation to Improve Staffing Expertise Through Training, Retention Programs, Education and Continuing Education
  • Develop or Assist With Re-design of Patient Care Plans
  • PGS/PGD Integration of Counseling with Geneticists
  • Staffing Needs Assessment And Recruitment
  • Training of New Staff
Meet Heather McAlonan, who’s extensive background as an REI Clinic Staff Director and Nurse Manager, will lead the MedTech Nursing Support Program as the REI Nursing Director. MedTech for Solutions has earned a national reputation for designing, building, and staffing state-of-the-art ART laboratories consistently achieving results that are far superior to national benchmarks. Our new Nursing Support Program will continue our trend of expert support for the ART community.