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New MedTech GPO Vendor Alert

MedTech Announces Partnership

With Lotus Blossom

Dear GPO Members,
We are very pleased to announce that MedTech For Solutions has partnered with premiere surrogacy consultancy Lotus Blossom Consulting, LLC (LBC). LBC is one of the first infertility consultancies in the United States, founded by Mindy Berkson in 2005. The mission of LBC is to enable and expedite a successful surrogacy arrangement for consumers/patients by providing relevant information, education, support services, and access to a wide network of qualified surrogates nationwide. With more than two decades of industry experience, Berkson assists patients globally through surrogacy arrangements from beginning through birth.
LBC’s expedited surrogate match time of 2 weeks (vs. 4-6 months’ market average) enables patients to explore and engage treatment sooner, thus bringing dollars to the fertility practice quickly as opposed to waiting many months in the future. Importantly, LBC provides full service to patients through securing legal, psychological, health insurance, and all necessary elements for a successful surrogacy arrangement.
Through MedTech’s relationship with LBC, LBC will offer to GPO Member practices discounted surrogacy rates to qualified patients, allowing more access to those with financial constraints.
For more information about Lotus Blossom Consulting, LLC, or to discuss alignment with LBC, please contact Mindy Berkson directly at 847-989-8628 or email at mindy@LotusBlossomConsulting.com.
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