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Internal Release

MedTech Announces Partnership With

Tryon Clear View Group

Providing Sustainable Cost Reduction Solutions
New York, N.Y. – February 9, 2017 – MedTech For Solutions, a medical practice solutions company, has partnered with Tryon Clear View Group to help physician practices reduce costs from telecom, waste, credit card processing fees, copiers and equipment maintenance. Tryon Clear View Group will analyze and recommend ways to reduce expenses that will be implemented by a team of experts, resulting in immediate,significant  cost savings.
TCVG has successfully cut costs for many health care systems. Successful 98% of the time,  with average savings of 24% for telecom, 35% for waste, 29% for copiers, 25% for credit card services and 18% for equipment maintenance. TCVG’s fee is a percentage actual realized savings invoiced only after the savings appear on your vendor invoice.
Dwight Ryan, President of MedTech, said “Medical practices are constantly looking for ways to improve profitability and cut costs. Finding a solution for our members that enabled them to improve profitability and sustain those profits, without sacrificing staff or mission-critical services was our main objective. Tryon Clear View Group satisfies these objectives .
John Taylor, President of Tryon Clear View Group, explained “We are confident that we can assist the members of MedTech achieve significant savings as we have done for hundreds of health care systems since 2001.”
For more information about Tryon Clear View Group, visit them at  www.OneClearView.com
 Contact: Carol Scates at CScates@OneClearView.com
MedTech For Solutions, Inc, 475 Park Ave South, New York, NY 10016