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Are You Overpaying for

Telecom, Utilities, Waste Removal or Copier Services?

Our Alliance with Tryon Clear View Group Can Help

Dear GPO Members,


The Tryon Clear View Group offers invoice analysis to determine whether you are being correctly charged. These services are provided with no upfront cost. You will receive a Findings and Recommendations report detailing erroneous charges. Only once savings are approved, implemented and reflected on your invoice will there be a fee. This fee is a percentage of your savings, which for GPO members is reduced from their regular rates. It sounds like you can’t lose and since the Tryon Clear View Group states that their analysis generates savings 98% of the time we encourage you to take advantage of this service.


TelecomAnalysis includes on site line inventory. Review of all local, long distance, internet, cable and data, and recovery from previous years of overcharges and erroneous fees.

Savings average 22.4%

WasteCost reduction and recovery for solid, hazardous, biohazards, medical, shredding, hauling and recycling of waste material.

Savings average 33%

UtilitiesAnalyze all aspects of energy procurement process; reduce energy costs, strategic energy planning, optimization of utility service, managing supply, negotiating best-in-class pricing. Energy analysis includes electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, propane, coal and steam.

Savings average 10%


Copiers: Specification development, purchase planning, disposal and refresh consultation, leasing consultation.  In-depth invoice analysis.

Savings average 29% annually

To arrange an analysis please call Bob Duffy at the Tryon Clear View Group 1-814 330 2560 or email Bob at Email Now
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