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MedTech GPO Vendor News

MedTech For Solutions, Inc
Dwight Ryan CEO
    October 2015


 MedTech For Solutions


Dear MedTech GPO Members
We are pleased to announce an exciting partnership between two of our GPO vendors LABSCO and Siemens.
LABSCO offers a full line of laboratory products to practices like yours and expands its best-in-class clinical diagnostics portfolio with exclusive access to Siemens products in the small hospital (under 150 beds) and Physician Office Laboratory (POL) market segments in the 48 contiguous United States.
These are truly exciting times in healthcare with challenges driving the need for market leaders to think and act differently to best serve customers. The new partnership between Siemens and LABSCO can offer solutions to help customers overcome these challenges.  This unique partnership will deliver better outcomes for the Fertility, POL and Hospital markets.
In addition to reproductive endocrinology and a broad range of systems and fertility tests to address the clinical needs in reproductive health, the following product lines in the Siemens clinical laboratory diagnostics, including associated reagents and consumables, will be distributed through LABSCO:
Immunoassay                                                    Clinical Chemistry/Integrated
Chemistry Hemostasis                                     Urinalysis      
Drug Testing Diagnostics                                 Stratus Cardiac Analyzers
RAPIDSystems® Blood Gas Portfolio                               
LABSCO is all about delivering superior diagnostics to provide better outcomes for you and your patients. They focus on the 150 beds and less hospital labs and large POL practices. LABSCO offers a full line of laboratory products and works on improving clinical utility, operational efficiency and financial performance.  Their sales force are clinical laboratory experts who can offer unique and innovative solutions.

LABSCO is a perfect partner for Siemens and Siemens customers. Learn more at www.LABSCO.com  or email at info@labsco.com to have a local LABSCO Instrumentation Specialist contact you to answer your questions or so you can request your free laboratory analysis. As always our MedTech GPO Concierge is available to assist you at 866-934-9144 option 2. 

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