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We have had many great conversations with you by phone and email regarding the MedTech GPO Concierge Desk.

We are looking forward to sharing handy tips and useful information that has benefitted other GPO members.

The Concierge Desk column talks about what lot sequestering, from Fisher Healthcare, can do for your laboratory.


Lot Sequestering

A service from Fisher HealthCare

A few years ago you may remember the time that a manufacturer broke the mold of a popular 4-well dish. While other labs were scrambling to replace the dish with another, one of our GPO members didn’t have to worry. They had 25 cases of that dish on hold. That reserve of dishes gave their laboratory director ample time to research and test the best replacement.

You may already be familiar with this service. Many of you have probably used lot sequestering before. While it may have been a lifesaver in the emergency above, many of our GPO members also use lot sequestering to improve their overall workflow in the laboratory.


Quality Control

The first two things that come to mind for quality control (QC) of disposables:

  • Time-consuming.
  • Costly.

You can alleviate the cost and cut the time spent on QC with lot sequestering. It allows you to place multiple cases of a dish on hold and reserve them for your laboratory, all with the same lot number.

To complete a hold on a dish you only need to use QC once. This prevents repetitive QC on new lot numbers every time dishes arrive, you’ll be able to track performance for longer periods of time under the same lot number.

Fisher HealthCare offers a great lot sequestering service. Chances are that you’re already ordering from Fisher HealthCare through the GPO.

Fisher has a team that is currently dedicated to lot sequestering and would be happy to assist you with setting up the service. You can contact their team directly at IVF.directsales@thermofisher.com to see how they can help you.

Fisher Healthcare lot sequester service details:

  • Convert all dish order numbers if you currently use another vendor.
  • Check availability and they will hold the product for you.
  • Give you ready access to disposables on the same lot number that are held for your account.
  • Charge you as and when you receive the product.
  • Alert you when your hold is running low so that you can begin another hold with a new lot number.

Sometimes it’s just the little tips and tricks that will help you to save time on administrative and QC work.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us, to speak to Maria dial 866-634-9144 ext. 2.

We look forward to speaking with you.