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MedTech Announces Quarter 4 Equipment Financing Program

MedTech and Summit Funding Group Announce
Qtr 4 Equipment Financing
The Summit Funding Group, which provides innovative equipment leasing and financing solutions for the healthcare industry for a variety of medical equipment and technology equipment/software suggests that this is a very good time of the year to consider the benefits of financing. Summit offers 90 Day Deferral programs with no money necessary up front which postpones re-payment until 2018! Conserve working capital, preserve existing bank credit lines, access extremely competitive financing rates for terms extending to 60 months, and possibly be eligible for Section 179 Tax Benefits.
This is a great opportunity for you to postpone initial payments giving you an opportunity to amass revenue the equipment generates immediately! There are other Q4 Promotions for MedTech Members. Click Here  for more information or contact Summit’s financing professional, Dean Morrison at dmorrison@4sfg.com or call him at 888-470-3902 or call your MedTech GPO Concierge at 866-634-9144 option 2.
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