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Let MedTech GPO Vendor Wells Fargo Help You With Your Financing and Credit Card Processing Needs

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Wells Fargo

Special Rates Apply

For MedTech GPO Members

Dear MedTech For Solutions GPO Member,

MedTech For Solutions has worked to provide savings to your practice through special pricing arrangements negotiated for MedTech GPO members.  We have finance solutions that address equipment purchases, practice acquisition and expansion as well as real estate.  Additionally we can assist you with merchant (credit card) processing as well as a host of other traditional banking services.

One of the easiest ways to access savings is in the area of equipment financing for the purchase or refinance in the form of  leases and loans (Click Here).  If you have any questions or would like to discuss your plan for upcoming capital expenditures, please do not hesitate to contact MedTech or our Wells Fargo contact Tom Duran at 210-856-5184.  Please be sure to contact us directly in order to ensure you receive the special MedTech terms that have been negotiated for you.  We look forward to helping you explore all the ways to maximize your MedTech For Solutions membership.

Best regards,

Dwight Ryan

Save on Credit Card Processing

Another easy way to savings is in the area Merchant Service Processing with Wells Fargo as seen by some example savings of GPO Members:

  • One member realized a $20,000 annual savings based on their volume.
  • Another member received an annual savings of $16,000 while streamlining the receipt of payments and significantly reducing patient wait times.
  • Analysis of another member’s merchant activity uncovered that the current processor was overcharging them by over 25%.

If you have the ability to provide a few of your most current monthly statements from your merchant processor, we can show you the savings available to you as a MedTech GPO Member.  You can fax or email copies of statements to us and we will provide you with an analysis within a few days.  See the attached for further information (Click Here)or call Tom Duran at 210-856-5184