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LabCorp Announces New Genetic Testing Program With Special Discounts For GPO Members

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MedTech For Solutions, Inc 
LabCorp Announces New Genetic Testing Program
Special Pricing For MedTech GPO Members 

Dear MedTech GPO Members


LabCorp is excited to announce the availability of a new genetic testing program with discounted member pricing for MedTech GPO members.  This genetic testing program utilizes ethnicity based test groups to provide cost effective genetic disease carrier screening that meet all current clinical guidelines.


The ethnicity based test groups can be ordered as follows:


1.     Caucasian Descent Test Group – with CFplus (Cystic Fibrosis 97 mutation profile), Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), and Fragile X Syndrome


2.     African, Asian, Hispanic, Mediterranean, and Mixed Descent Test Group – with CFplus, SMA, Fragile X, and Hemoglobinopathy Profile with Reflex to Alpha-Thalassemia DNA


3.     Jewish Descent (per ACOG guidelines) Test Group – with CFplus, SMA, Fragile X, Tay-Sachs Disease (Biochemical, Leukocytes), Canavan Disease, and Familial Dysautonomia


4.     Jewish Descent ACMG Expanded (5) Add-On Profile– with Bloom Syndrome, Fanconi Anemia, Gaucher Disease, Mucolipidosis IV, and Niemann-Pick Disease 


Some key benefits of utilizing LabCorp for genetic testing include:


1.     Makes it easy for patients and donors to complete genetic disease carrier screening. Patient tear off sheets help explain genetic testing options and provide step by step instructions for completing their genetic evaluation.


2.     Predefined ethnicity based test groups meet all guidelines established by ACOG, ACMG and ASRM.  Providing genetic testing options that meet clinical guidelines will limit practice liability and maximize patient care.


3.     Discounted member pricing.  The new MedTech client bill rates allow for screening most patients or donors for less than $600.


4.     Availability of LabCorp’s wide managed care network.  LabCorp is an in-network provider for many managed care plans and can help reduce patient out of pocket expenses.  For IVF patients that had genetic testing ordered, LabCorp testing was covered for 91% of patients nationwide.  For patients with managed care coverage, 60% of patients across the nation had a $0 patient responsibility and were not required to pay any additional out of pocket expenses.


Please contact your local LabCorp representative if you would like additional information about these benefits.  If you are not sure who your LabCorp representative is, please contact heather.tabangcura@labcorp.com.

We are excited by these new services to our GPO members and hope you take advantage of the new program with LabCorp.  




Dwight P. Ryan, CEO

MedTech For Solutions, Inc.

Phone: (866) 634-9144 ext 101

Email: dryan@medtech4solutions.com

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