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IVF Surgical Packs-Savings Opportunity

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Standardized Disposable

IVF Surgical Packs

Dear GPO Members

In our continuing search for ways for you to save on the cost of your medical supplies we are trying to standardize disposable IVF surgical packs. Our objective is to develop one single standard pack that can satisfy all of your needs for disposable items typically used in a fertility procedure so it can be produced in quantities that will drive down prices and improve order turn around time.

To assist our analysis we would like you to try a pack consisting of items already recommended to us by a number of IVF centers. I have, therefore, asked Cardinal Health to mail a sample of this pack to each of our IVF GPO members. For a preview of the contents Click Here


You should receive your sample in the next couple of weeks. All I ask you to do is provide us with your feedback and/or recommendations no later than

May 1st.  Please either call our Concierge Desk at 866-634-9144, ext 404 or email us at info@medtech4solutions.com  and tell us if this pack meets your needs.

Your comments will assist us to determine exactly what you need in a disposable pack and help us to provide you with a cost effective alternative to what you are currently using.


Dwight Ryan, CEO

MedTech For Solutions, Inc.