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How Are You Protecting Your Bottom Line?

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  June 2013
These days, everyone is feeling the financial crunch. In the health industry in particular, private medical practices and clinics are feeling the strain as expenses continue to increase, and reimbursements from Medicare and insurance companies continue to decrease. With your available income shrinking seemingly every day, how can you protect your bottom line?

Ease Financial Stress with MedTech’s GPO

This is where MedTech Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) can step in and help you save on medical supplies and equipment and control your costs. Joining is free, and you can immediately begin reaping savings of 10-50% on your medical and pharmacy supplies.

If, like most practices, you use major suppliers such as Henry Schein, McKesson, PSS and Cardinal, you will see absolutely no changes in your office ordering-you will keep your same suppliers, representatives and brand name products. The only difference will be the money you save.

Benefits of the MedTech GPO

The benefits of MedTech GPO are many-in fact, there may be many more than you realize. The more you learn about MedTech, the more you will see you can save. Many of our clients already enjoy the following benefits:

  • 10-50% Savings on your medical and pharmacy supplies.
  • Savings on capital purchases such as computers, office furniture and exam room equipment.
  • 60% Savings on overnight shipping wlab staffith FedEx.
  • Financial services through Wells Fargo Merchant Services.
  • Contracted vendor savings with companies such as Staples, Office Depot, Dell, G.E., Steel Case, Henry Miller and many more.

MedTech GPO is ideal for any medical practice of any specialty.

Are You Ready to Start Saving Money?
Not sure how to get started? Our Concierge service is here to help.  Service professionals are available to help you enroll and show you how your office can use the program to maximize your savings.

Controlling your costs and protecting your assets is hard-but it doesn’t have to be. Contact us at 866-634-9144, or go to medtech4solutions.com and fill out the GPO application.

Contact us today-the benefits are waiting for you.


Dwight Ryan

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