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Genzyme Genetics Services Now Available to MedTech GPO Members

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Genzyme Genetics Now Available Through Your LabCorp Account

Discounted Prices For MedTech GPO Members

Dear MedTech GPO Members:

We are pleased to announce that with the recent integration of LabCorp and Genzyme Genetics, GPO members can now take advantage of specialized genetic testing services including:

  • CFplus 97 mutation panel
  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)
  • Comprehensive Ashkenazi-Jewish panels
  • Fragile-X testing
  • Hemoglobinopathy testing (Sickle Cell/Thalassemia)
  • The largest Genetic Counselor network in the US

LabCorp-Genzyme Genetics comprehensive services for carrier screening meet all guidelines established by ACOG, ASRM and ACMG.

In addition, we are announcing the availability of their Reveal SMSNP Microarray for Products of Conception (POC). This cutting edge test utilizes the latest SNP Microarray technology to identify fetal chromosome defects as a cause of miscarriage.

Benefits of LabCorp’s Reveal SMSNP Microarray- POC include

  • SNP Microarray technology ensures testing can be performed even with compromised specimens including low tissue viability, bacterial contamination, or maternal cell culture overgrowth.
  • No maternal blood collection required. The majority of miscarriages caused by genetic imbalances are associated with random meiotic error, and not a parental-specific abnormality.
  • Convenient direct shipping kit that contains Hank’s Balanced Salt Solution for easy collection and direct transportation to LabCorp.

Results are available through a direct LabCorp interface or web-based connectivity tools.

As many of our GPO members know that in addition to genetic testing, LabCorp offers comprehensive testing services customized for the ART practices, including services for:

  • Clinical diagnostic laboratory testing
  • FDA donor testing services (ViroMed Laboratories)
  • Preimplantation Genetics / PGD Testing (Center for Preimplantation Genetics)

As a MedTech For Solutions GPO member, you are eligible for discounted pricing for LabCorp and Genzyme Genetics testing services.

If you are interested in more information about testing services available through LabCorp-Genzyme Genetics, please contact your local representative. If you are not familiar with your local LabCorp representative, you can email Heather Tabangcura at heather.tabangcura@labcorp.com or call your MedTech GPO Concierge, Karen Adams at 1-866-634-9144 ext 404 or email her at kadams@medtech4solutions.com.

We are excited to bring these added service offerings to our MedTech GPO members and hope you take advantage of the new program with LabCorp.

Please stop by to meet the MedTech Team at this months  ASRM meeting (booth 2434) so we may tell you more about our many service offerings available to our GPO members.




Dwight P. Ryan, CEO

MedTech For Solutions, Inc.

Phone: (866) 634-9144 ext 101

Email: dryan@medtech4solutions.com

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