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Expert Training By MedTech’s Laboratory Solutions

MedTech For Solutions, Inc

Lab Rectuitmnt

MedTech’s Laboratory Solutions

 Provides Expert Training in

State of the Art Techniques

Your lab is the core of your practice’s success.  Let MedTech’s Laboratory Solutions highly experienced and expert team provide your ART staff the necessary skills to operate at peak effectiveness.


We specialize in training your employees in the more sophisticated techniques including: 

  • Advanced culture systems
  • Cryopreservation, and Vitrification
  • Single Embryo Transfer (SET)
  • PGD Biopsy and Fixation including Polar Body, Blastomere and Trophectoderm biopsy.

Our training program is designed to improve clinical outcomes, increase operational efficiency and enhance your facility’s professional reputation.


MedTech’s practical experience and proven results will provide solutions for your laboratory staff’s needs.  Call us today at (866) 634-9144 Ext 404 or email us at  MTLSinfo@medtech4solutions.com. 




Dwight P. Ryan

President & CEO

MedTech For Solutions, Inc

Phone: (866) 634-9144 Ext 101

Email: dryan@medtech4solutions.com