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EmbryoScope® Year-End Program Update


EmbryoScope® Time-Lapse System And EmbryoViewer™ Software
 Year-End Program

This past Wednesday, we issued an e-mail announcement that was intended for our customers as part of our group purchasing program that was for distribution to the USA Market only. Unfortunately, it was released to our global e-mail list; and we apologize for any confusion this may have caused. 


MedTech and Fertilitech have agreed that we shall send out a revised year-end incentive program to MedTech For Solutions GPO customers and that the promotion e-mailed last Wednesday is no longer valid. 


It was great seeing so many of you in Boston this week. To those who attended our dinner, thank you. It was a great evening and a fabulous talk by Natalia Basile.




Dwight Ryan


MedTech For Solutions, Inc.