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EMBCOL Embryologist of the Month July 2013

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Kathleen Miller MedTech For Solutions IVF ART

The American College of Embryology named Kathleen Miller, vice president of MedTech For Solutions, Inc., Embryologist of the Month in July 2013 for her contributions in the assisted reproductive technologies (ART) industry. 


“She is well-known in the field [and] represents the best in embryology from the United States,” remarked Dr. Dmitri Dozortsev, president of the American College of Embryology (EMBCOL), on how his committee chose Ms. Miller for the award.


EMBCOL considered the achievements of Ms. Miller’s entire career in embryology.


Among those achievements the EMBCOL web site lists her high fertility rates among in vitro fertilization (IVF) laboratories she is associated with as director or consultant.


Her advances in blastocyst culture and pre-implantation genetics, use of EmbryoScope® Time-lapse microscopy, and publication of over 100 papers and abstracts, also contributed greatly to the decision.


Dr. Dozortsev hopes the award will bring greater awareness to patients about embryology. “What happens in the background is important,” said Dr. Dozortsev.”It’s an art.”


To visit the EMBCOL Web site and for more information on Kathleen Miller’s award click here.