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Breaking News – Propofol Update

Dear MedTech GPO Members,

In light of the continued propofol supply issues currently in the marketplace, APP has sent the following update for members, regarding an improved ordering process for Propofol  and Diprivan Injection.

APP has provided a Broadlane specific Propofol Order Form (Click to Open Form) that can be faxed to APP directly at fax # 800-743-7082. Additional ordering instructions are listed below:

  • Members can call Customer Service at 1-888-386-1300 to place their order direct with APP
  • Members can also place drop ship orders through their wholesaler

Note: APP will not automatically substitute – only ships exact product ordered

  • You need to place direct orders with APP or drop ship orders through your wholesaler for Diprivan, propofol or Propoven separately if you are using that product.

i.e.  If you order Diprivan and it is out of stock APP will not automatically ship Propofol or Propoven.
i.e. if you are using all 3 products interchangeably, be sure to place an order for each of the presentations with APP.

APP is the only US manufacturer consistently manufacturing propofol and has increased production 3 fold since October 2009.  Importation of FDA Propoven will continue as needed in agreement with the FDA to help manage the on-going drug shortage.  It is hopeful that normal distribution through wholesalers and distributors could be prior to 2011.

Additional questions should be directed to Carl Ratcliff, APP National Account Manager, at 972-841-9751,CRatcliff@apppharma.com.

Remember you must be accessing the Broadlane pharmacy program in order to participate. If not in the program, please contact us and we can send the paperwork to get you in enrolled as it takes 30 days to get linked. Send us an email at GPOinfo@medtech4solutions.com


Dwight P. Ryan
MedTech For Solutions, Inc

Phone: (866) 634-9144
Email: dryan@medtech4solutions.com