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Lab Design
Cost Effective ART/IVF Laboratories

Our experience allows us to allocate funds effectively to achieve quality results.

Our expertise, your approval

As experienced laboratory directors, we are committed to design excellence for your ART/IVF laboratory and your 100% satisfaction. Our team has been involved with the build out and design of many current high performing ART/IVF laboratories.  As a “hands-on” organization characterized by extensive principal involvement, MedTech Laboratory Solutions will lead the projects from the inception of the design through the construction process, involving you in each phase of final decision making. Whether you are building a brand new laboratory, or refining an existing one, MedTech Laboratory Solutions provides the experience necessary for success.

Our services include:

Site Analysis and Selection

Air quality, nearby industry, and accessibility are just a few considerations when investing in an ART/IVF laboratory.  Locating the ideal site from a quality perspective, must also be integrated with a location that is convenient for your target market.

Space Design and Plan Review

A well designed ART/IVF laboratory limits the transportation needs of tissue, considers the needs of the laboratory specialists and anticipates future needs for growth. Our experience ensures we balance the current needs with future growth, in a cost effective way.

Vendor and Equipment Selection and Management

The specific requirements of an ART/IVF laboratory require the right type of high quality vendor with proven attention to detail and ability to have quality control mechanisms in place for a flawless finished product. This holds true for designers, architects, engineers, contractors and equipment and furnishing providers.  MedTech Laboratory Solutions will assist in the selection process as well as manage the daily interactions.

Relocation Planning and Coordination

If the new ART/IVF laboratory replaces a previously used space, it is imperative that a well coordinated plan is in place to transition to the new lab. MedTech Lab Solutions can create a comprehensive plan, and ensure it is well executed.

Financial Services

Lease Negotiations: An ART/IVF laboratory is a long term investment in space, air handling, and equipment. It is, therefore, imperative to have lease terms that support this level of building investment.

Budget Analysis: A complete and detailed budget is a necessity for a successful laboratory build and is used for obtaining loans and managing the laboratory build and operations.