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Document Management Services by Recall.

document management

Document Management Services by Recall.


Storage, Destruction, Digital Conversion and Data Protection

MedTech GPO Members Will Average 20% Discount 

Information for our GPO Members.


MedTech’s Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)


Recall a MedTech GPO vendor. Here are the details of how you can start saving money.

Recall has been providing document services to the healthcare industry for over 20 years, Recall is:


  • PCI compliant
  • Certified AAA by the National Association for Information Destruction
  • HIPPA compliant and their document management services are now available through the GPO with average savings of 20%.


Recently, MedTech’s GPO members who moved to Recall are seeing savings of over 25% from their previous vendor.    


Recall’s physical document management services provide secure storage, retrieval and destruction at significantly reduced expenditure, these include:


Document Storage –Most practices maintain thousands of documents and spend an inordinate amount of time managing these records.


Outsource document storage to Recall and save time managing your documents while benefiting from cost effective storage and retrieval.

Secure Destruction –The dramatic rise in identity theft has made it more important than ever to safeguard confidential patient information and your practice records. Destroy paper documents, X-rays, hard drives, or CDs/DVDs.

Digital Document Management –Convert your paper documents from “physical to digital” and consolidate your digital documents into one automated system for easy retrieval and cross referencing. You will avoid missing or lost documents, eliminate paper chasing and can control access to confidential files.


Data Protection Services –Secure, cost-efficient on-line cloud backup, recovery, offsite tape backup and rotation will safeguard you against information or data loss.


Get started with Recall by calling today on 888-732-2556 or email medtech@recall.com


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