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Why Should I Consider Infertility Nursing As A Career?

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAPIAAAAJGQ0MTI2NzIzLWE3OWEtNGQwYy1hMjRlLWU2MmFiMTlkN2Y5Mg   Are you a women’s health nurse looking to make that next step in your career? MedTech will build a career partnership with you to help achieve your goals. We work with qualified nurses seeking employment in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) to assist them in finding great opportunities to move forward.

The field of ART nursing is challenging but also very rewarding. Infertility nurses are experts in reproductive endocrinology. This requires them to be knowledgeable in many different fields including endocrinology, gynecology, obstetrics, urology, oncology, psychology and genetics. Patients seek care from an infertility clinic for a multitude of reasons and nurses are there to help them navigate through this complex medical world.

The relationship you build with your patient often makes the difference between a positive or negative patient experience. As an infertility  nurse, you are the lifeline for your patients while they are receiving infertility care and often make the biggest impression on them. You are the connection between the patient and the physician, as you will be the one in constant contact during their care.

Most importantly, an ART nurse is responsible for the management of complex infertility treatment plans. As an infertility nurse, you will have many roles which include counseling, educating, supporting and encouraging your patient throughout their ART journey. Infertility nurses are responsible for scheduling and coordinating infertility procedures, tests and follow-up visits, medication teaching and assisting the physician in the office.  Additionally, ART nurses counsel their patients on the available treatment options and help make the right choice for them. Discussing lab results, navigating complex ethical issues, supporting patients through the often-intimidating world of this complex specialty and at times delivering disappointing news are all duties of an infertility nurse.

Let MedTech help you move into this exciting field and become a valued asset to an ART team. For more information about MedTech’s clinical services and how we can form a career partnership with you, please visit us at www.medtech4solutions.com or email us at info@medtech4solutions.com.